Taste of Russia September 8th, 2011

Little Russia Association of Canada with support of Canadian Russian Jewry Organization and The League for Support of Russia's Culture in Canada presents Taste of Russia

Canada is one of a few countries in the world to adopt multiculturalism as an official policy. The aim of the policy is to encourage all Canadian citizens to take pride in who they are by allowing each ethnic group to have equal rights to maintaining and sharing their cultural heritage and to participating fully and equally in the country's national life. This policy is focused on fostering inclusion and allowing for harmonious coexistence in a culturally diverse environment.

Russia is a country inhabited by more than a hundred nations and nationalities, with diverse historic and cultural traditions. Despite almost two decades of crisis and instability in the country, Russia is still widely known for its cultural heritage, and Russian artists and musicians are welcome all over the world.

Aiming at bringing the peoples of Canada and Russian speaking population across Canada together, furthering creation of a true authentic, Russian-speaking community and supporting the integration of various Russian speaking ethnic groups into Canadian society, Little Russia Association of Canada presents the project Taste of Russia

  • improvement of cultural awareness between Canadians and the Russian-speaking population across Canada;
  • promotion of the Russian-speaking culture and heritage;
  • acquainting Canadians with the Russian-speaking population across Canada and its achievements;
  • attracting attention of Canadian business to the underestimated percentage of Russian-speaking consumers 250,000 thousands in GTA, ready to purchase top quality goods and services;
  • promote the goodwill of corporate sponsors within ethnic communities;
  • facilitate cultural and economic interchange by allowing contact among people from different communities.

Taste of Russia is planned as a cultural and social event that will combine presentation of authentic Russian cuisine, presentation of arts and shows from various Russian Speaking Ethnic Groups.

Taste of Russia event is to be held at the 'National Restaurant and Banquet Hall', approximately 550 seats, on September 8, 2011.

With the number of politicians attendance along with other civic, corporate and business guests, famous Russian and NHL Players; this event is a great media and networking opportunity, and a chance to get some face-to-face time with the Honored politicians and businessmen.

The event will be promoted through:

  • Logo and brand/name will be promoted on the official website of the event;
  • Sponsor's logo/banner will be places at the venue
  • Media coverage: advertising and post event coverage in all major Russian Language channels, radio, newspapers and other media partners;
  • Special brochures, flyers, other promotional material.

Our VIP guest list includes:

  • Member of Federal Parliament Honourable Mark Adler
  • Member of Provincial Parliament Honourable Monte Kwinter - Chair of the Ontario Investment and Trade Advisory Council (OITAC) and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade
  • Mayor of Richmond Hill Dave Barrow
  • Representations from:
    • Peter Kent MP Minister of Environment - Benjamin Singer
    • Julian Fantino MP Associate Minister of National Defence - Daniel Salvatore
    • Ted Opitz MP Senior Advisor at Federal Government - Jakub kardynal
    • York Regional Police - Paul Chiang Diversity and Cultural Resources Bureau
    • Veterans Affairs Canada - Stephen Little
    • Canadian Jewish War Veterans
    • UJA Federation
    • Azrieli Foundation

Program of the event includes:

  • Russia's traditional dances and songs
  • Gypsy Show Band
  • Illusionist show
  • Russian Jewish program

Our Media presence:

  • Ethnic Channels Group - Official Media Sponsor
  • Mix TV Official - Official Media Sponsor
  • MK Nasha Gazeta
  • Snap North York
  • Snap North Toronto
  • Canadian Immigrant Magazine
  • Town Crier Magazine

Speech List:

  • Mayor of Richmond Hill Dave Barrow
  • Member of Federal Parlaiment Honourable Mark Adler
  • Jakub Kardynal on belhalf of Member of Federal Parlaiment Ted Opitz

Among almost 600 000 Russian speakers of various ethnic origin residing in Canada, about 250 000 live in Greater Toronto area. At present, the Russian speaking community consists of vast number of people with many different ethnic backgrounds and beliefs which includes: Russians, Ukrainians, Belorussians, Jews, Moldavians, Georgians, Kazakhs and many others, which differentiates this community from other most populated ethnic groups.

The event is expected to be one of the major events not only within the Russian-speaking community, but in the whole Toronto. Sponsors' products and services will be widely exposed to Russian Language mass media, including RTVI(24/7 channel), Russian TV, radio and newspapers, not limited to other media partners Ethnic Channels Group, MixTV, SNAP North York, online media coverage with NexTV and others.

Promotion of the event is supposed to start 1 month before the event, so sponsors will be widely advertised in all Russian Language oriented TV programs and radio talk-shows, as well as editorials. Post-event benefits will include continued gratitude on the official website of the event and all media releases.

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